Third Party Inspection Online Application

You can submit your Third Party Inspection application online. The purpose of this application is to advise the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) of the Permit Applicant's intention to utilize Third Party Inspection services in connection with following construction project. Once project is assigned as being Third Party Inspection, the entire project must be Third Party Inspected (every discipline, every inspection). DCRA will NOT perform inspection if you choose to use Third Party Inspection on any part of your construction project. Only certified Third Party Inspection Agencies (TPIA) may submit this application.

The following items are required for application
  • TPIA Certification Number issued by DCRA.
  • TPIA E-mail associated with the account.
  • PIN Number issued by DCRA.
  • Construction Permit Number.
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For more information, contact the Permits Customer Service Center at (202) 442-4589 or Ask the Director.