About Q-Tracker

Need help with this application? The User Guide contains all the essential information you need to make full use of Permit Application Q-Tracker and provides step-by-step procedures for system access and use.

Q-Tracker User Guide

Please contact us at 202-442-4400 if you have any other concerns or issues.

With the Permit Application Q-Tracker DC residents now have the option to track their permit applications and see the placement in queue for each review associated with it. Depending on the permit application type, you will be able to check your placement in the queue of over thirty (30) different review types without visiting DCRA. The three status types below allow the user to see exactly where their Permit Application is in the queue:

DCRA continues to provide "Safe & Simple" initiatives that are simple for our customers and provide safe outcomes for our community. The Permit Queue Tracker is one of the many improved services that are aimed at improving the way we serve District residents and businesses.