Permit Application Q-Tracker

Need help with this application? The User Guide contains all the essential information you need to make full use of Permit Application Q-Tracker and provides step-by-step procedures for system access and use.

Q-Tracker User Guide

Please contact us at 202-442-4400 if you have any other concerns or issues.

Want to track your Permit Application? You’ve come to the right place! You now have the option to track your Permit Application and see the placement in the queue for each review associated with it. Depending on the Permit Application Type you will be able to check your placement in the queue of over thirty (30) different review types without stepping foot into DCRA!

To check the status of an application review(s), enter the Application Number below. Please note that the application status is refreshed daily.

  • # Queue Placement denotes the position of your application in the queue for that review. 0 indicates application is Under Review.
  • Completed denotes the review has been completed.
  • HFC denotes held for correction.
Permit Number CFA Electrical Elevator Energy Fire Green HPRB Mechanical NCPC Plumbing Structural WASA White House WMATA Zoning Chinatown EISF DC Water DDOE AQ DDOE EV DDOE FP DDOE GAR DDOE DDOE SE DDOE SE-SW DDOE SW DDOE WSP DDOT DOEE AQ DOEE EV DOEE FP DOEE GAR DOEE SE-SW DOH

NOTE: Actions made in the last 24 hours may not be reflected on site. You can only track construction related projects that are currently being reviewed in ProjectDox which are "in process". You will not be able to track "issued permits".